Eye Tracking will become standard functionality in VR Headsets, since it can enable higher performance of VR headsets by applying foveated rendering. Eye Tracking also provides easier and intuitive control in combination with gestures and voice control. The Eye Tribe now offers a solution for integrating eye tracking into VR headsets.

During CES 2016 (Jan. 6-9) The Eye Tribe will demonstrate our new super fast and highly accurate eye tracking solution for Virtual Reality, which provide higher performance of VR headsets by enabling foveated rendering. Please see below for a short video demonstration of foveated rendering. Our solution will also offer a patent pending eye biometric authentication method, which will allow for effortless authentification of the user and support for Iris recognition.

The Eye Tribe’s VR solution has been developed to offer market leading performance with high accuracy and frame rates up to 300 Hz, thereby enabling foveated rendering, a critical functionality in 2nd generation VR headsets. Foveated rendering works by only rendering the specific part of the screen, where the user is currently looking. Foveated rendering will lower GPU load and power consumption significantly, allowing headset manufacturers to increase screen resolutions and refresh rates, while mobile headsets will be able to avoid battery drain.

We have successfully integrated eye tracking into the leading VR headsets for both Windows and  Android platforms – e.g. Oculus Rift DK 2, HTC Vive  & Gear VR. OEM customers can purchase an early access Software Evaluation Kit currently available for prototyping or initial integration work.

Visit The Eye Tribe at CES 2016 in the Sands Tech West, Booth #80344. To schedule a private demo please contact pr@theeyetribe.com or call +1 650-630-9663

Full press kit, including product sheet, images and video are available at bit.ly/EyeTribeCES2016